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EFFEPI S.r.l. Unipersonale
is a Trading Company in the Chemical Cosmetics and
Pharmaceutical field.
Owning to the considerable experience in this line of trade
in particular, and our numerous and extensive
connections with the leading Europeans producers of
raw materials, permit us to assure a constant assistance
to our international customers.
We take pleasure in announcing that we are also in a
position to supply any kind of generics:
tablets - capsules and soft capsules - vials - ampoules -
syrups -suppositories - etc.
We hope that we may be of service to you in the near
future, and you may rest assured that all your wishes
will be carried out with prompt and careful attention.

Effepi s.r.l. Unipersonale
20038 Seregno (MI) - Italy
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 18/24
Tel. +39 362 321008 r.a.
Fax +39 362  321015

For information:

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